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Amazon Private Brand refers to products that are sold under Amazon’s own brand rather than a third-party brand. Amazon has been expanding its private label offerings in recent years, focusing on categories as diverse as electronics, homewares, apparel and groceries.

Amazon’s private label strategy allows the company to have more control over the products it sells and potentially offer customers lower prices. By manufacturing and selling its own products, Amazon can cut out the middleman and reduce the costs associated with sourcing and distributing products.

One example of Amazon’s private label products is the AmazonBasics line, which includes items such as batteries, cables, and kitchen appliances. Other private label brands sold on Amazon include Solimo for home products, Goodthreads for clothing and Wag for pet supplies.

While private label products can be profitable for Amazon, they have also faced criticism for potentially undermining third-party sellers on the platform. Some sellers fear that Amazon’s private label products could compete with their own products, leading to reduced sales and market share.

Overall, Amazon’s private label strategy is an important part of the company’s larger effort to expand its reach and maintain its position as one of the world’s largest retailers.


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