Amazon Virtual Assistant ( Without Mentorship )

Shamsa Qamar

Course Description

Unlock the secrets to efficient and successful Amazon store management with our comprehensive “Amazon Virtual Assistant Mastery” course. Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, e-commerce enthusiasts, and business owners, this course empowers you with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage the full potential of virtual assistants in optimizing your Amazon business.

About Trainer

Welcome to the world of e-commerce excellence, where innovation meets expertise, and success is crafted. I’m Shamsa Qamar, your dedicated Amazon Trainer, committed to guiding you through the intricate landscapes of online retail.

Meet Shamsa Qamar: Passionate, dynamic, and driven, Shamsa brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Amazon training. With a background steeped in e-commerce strategies, she has honed her skills in navigating the ever-evolving marketplace of the digital age. Shamsa is not just a trainer; she’s your companion on the journey to unravel the secrets of success on the world’s largest online marketplace.


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Couse Outline


  • Introduction to Virtual Assistant & Services of Amazon VA Ecommerce and its types
  • Different channels of E-Commerce


  • Intro to Amazon and Marketplaces
  • Amazon Business Models intro
  • Client is confused in between Wholesale or PL
  • Difference between FBM and FBA


  • Types of Seller Accounts and Selling Plans
  • How to save Account Listing Deactivation.


  • Product Research and its importance
  • Tools that can be used for hunting.
  • How to use Helium 10 black box for Product Research.
  • Different Techniques of finding products.
  • Top strategy to find unlimited product ideas
  • Explanation of Product Research Criteria.
  • How to do Product Research in UAE and KSA
  • How to get Category Ungating on Amazon.
  • How to ungated Category?


  • Competitor Analysis
  • How to choose best suppliers?
  • How to communicate with suppliers for sourcing?
  • How to negotiate with suppliers on Alibaba?
  • How to calculate profit margin in Private Label?
  • How to find freight forwarder?


  • Introduction to Product Listing and its Importance
  • How to do single Product Listing?
  • How to do listing with multiple variations?
  • How to do me too listing?
  • How to tackle 5665 error?
  • Keyword Science in Product Listing.
  • A guide to Backend Search Terms
  • Amazon Listing Content Writing
  • Importance of long tail keywords


  • Amazon FBA Shipment Plan Creation


  • Introduction to PPC | What is Auto and Manual PPC?
  • Explanation of Impression, Clicks, CTR, Spend Sale, ACoS and ROAS
  • PPC Campaigns Optimization
  • Keyword Tracking through Helium 10


  • Account Health analysis
  • A – Z Guarantee Claims
  • How to contact Amazon Seller Support
  • How to send reviews request to the buyers
  • Amazon Fees & How to calculate your net margins
  • Amazon Vine Programe
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