Amazon Private Label Training

Shamsa Qamar

Course Description

Amazon Private Brand refers to products that are sold under Amazon’s own brand rather than a third-party brand. Amazon has been expanding its private label offerings in recent years, focusing on categories as diverse as electronics, homewares, apparel and groceries.

Amazon’s private label strategy allows the company to have more control over the products it sells and potentially offer customers lower prices. By manufacturing and selling its own products, Amazon can cut out the middleman and reduce the costs associated with sourcing and distributing products.

About Trainer

Welcome to the world of e-commerce excellence, where innovation meets expertise, and success is crafted. I’m Shamsa Qamar, your dedicated Amazon Trainer, committed to guiding you through the intricate landscapes of online retail.

Meet Shamsa Qamar: Passionate, dynamic, and driven, Shamsa brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Amazon training. With a background steeped in e-commerce strategies, she has honed her skills in navigating the ever-evolving marketplace of the digital age. Shamsa is not just a trainer; she’s your companion on the journey to unravel the secrets of success on the world’s largest online marketplace.


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Amazon Private Label Course Outline

  • Introduction to Amazon and PL


  • Decide which marketplace to start with account opening scenarios from Pakistan
  • How to Create Amazon UK seller account
  • What things should not to do to avoid Account Listing Deactivation?
  • How to select brand name and build assets of the brand


  • Why Product Hunting is Important
  • Product size tiers on amazon
  • What is BBL product hunting?
  • How to get Product Hunting Ideas
  • What is a keyword and types of Keywords and Search Terms?
  • How to find relevant keywords and Competitor Analysis
  • Product Hunting via Helium 10 and Jungle Scout
  • What is BSR?
  • What is ASIN, FNSKU and UPC?
  • How to find a product on Amazon?
  • How to find a product without tools?
  • Gated Categories Restricted Products
  • How do we know if we’re eligible to sell a particular product?
  • How to fill excel sheet for product hunting.


  • Inspection Report Overview
  • How to communicate with suppliers
  • How to negotiate with Suppliers?
  • What is lead time and how to plan the inventory?
  • Importance of Weight and dimensions for transportation cost
  • How to find Freight Forwarders?
  • What is BOL? How to write it?
  • Mistakes to avoid while sourcing
  • How to calculate Volume Weight and CBM?
  • How to calculate the Final cost of the product with sheet?
  • How to create shipment plan?


  • Importance of optimized listing
  • How to remove 5665 error?
  • Listing Quality dashboard and optimization through brand analytics
  • Keyword Research for Listing Optimization
  • How to find competitors keywords through reverse ASIN?
  • Listing writing guidelines.


  • FBA Shipment creation FNSKU and BOX Labels
  • How to put tracking ids for tracking the shipment?


  • Importance of PPC
  • How to run campaigns?
  • Auto and Manual
  • Sponsored Brands PPC
  • How to extract reports?
  • ASIN Targeting
  • Video PPC


  • What is ATC and SABO?
  • How to generate Pixelfy link and science of Pixelfy link?
  • Importance of external traffic and its sources


  • How to calculate your net profit margins?
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