YouTube Automation Consultancy

Welcome to YouTube Automation Consultancy by Shamsa Qamar. Here I will do a 30-45 minute One-on-One session with you on Zoom. If you want your channel to get reviewed, this consultancy is for you.

The most important thing in this session is Channel Checking and answering your questions if you are stuck in anything. I will give suggestions based on your channel and that will skyrocket the growth on your channel inshaAllah. 

If you don’t have a channel yet and are stuck in anything, you can discuss Niche Selection, Script Writing, How to use Voiceover softwares for free, YouTube SEO, Thumbnails, Freelancing via YouTube Automation, Reused Issue, Channel Demonetization, multiple Adsense, and any other aspect related to this cash cow business. 

Furthermore, after the One-on-One session, I will give you my Whatsapp Number where you can interact with me and grow your channel. Furthermore, you will get free support from me on Whatsapp for the next 3 months and you can ask your questions if you are stuck at any point.

Here are further details:

Total cost: 9000 PKR

Payment Method:

Name: Shamsa Qamar

Bank: Allied Bank Limited

Account number: 0010080123450017

Once you make the transaction, please share the payment screenshot with us and my team will reach you out on Whatsapp for time and date for the session. 

Note: Please don’t miss the schedule that we will give you. As many sessions have been booked, please must be punctual. If you miss, it could be delayed for the next 15 days as appointments have been booked already. 

Thank you.

Regards: Shamsa Qamar

Max. file size: 10 MB.
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