Amazon Online Arbitrage Training

Shamsa Qamar

Course Description

Tired of getting your Amazon account suspended? Selling online arbitrage products is an Amazon FBA model where we buy products at discounted prices and then sell them back on Amazon. This model is safer than dropshipping and you can earn fast. In this training you will learn everything you need to know about how to start and run a successful Amazon Online Arbitrage Business from Pakistan and abroad

About Trainer

Welcome to the world of e-commerce excellence, where innovation meets expertise, and success is crafted. I’m Shamsa Qamar, your dedicated Amazon Trainer, committed to guiding you through the intricate landscapes of online retail.

Meet Shamsa Qamar: Passionate, dynamic, and driven, Shamsa brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Amazon training. With a background steeped in e-commerce strategies, she has honed her skills in navigating the ever-evolving marketplace of the digital age. Shamsa is not just a trainer; she’s your companion on the journey to unravel the secrets of success on the world’s largest online marketplace.


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Online Arbitrage Course Outline

  • What is Online Arbitrage Model?
  • Online Arbitrage and It’s difference from Wholesale FBA
  • Online Arbitrage vs Drop Shipping
  • How to work on Amazon Seller Central
  • How to use Source mogul in OA
  • How to use Tactical Arbitrage for Amazon OA
  • Amazon Online Arbitrage Product Hunting using Source Mogul
  • Reverse Sourcing for OA
  • Seller Spying in OA
  • Product Analysis – Step by Step
  • Opening Customer Account at Retailer & Placement of Order
  • Shipment plan OA
  • How to add Me Too and Shipment Plan Creation
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