6 Expert Tips for a Profitable Q4 on Amazon!

So here we are, approaching the final quarter of 2021, and Amazon sellers are shaping up to be the biggest they’ve ever been, but while most of you will enjoy higher sales, you’re leaving a lot of opportunity on the table if you don’t. do anything different to maximize how much you sell and for how much. Amazon’s best seller, Stephen Smotherman, shares ten things you need to know to maximize profits and sales during this season.

1. Amazon’s busy fourth quarter is November through January

Although most of us think of the fourth quarter as October to December, Stephen reminds us that when it comes to Amazon sales, November to January is when things really happen for Amazon sellers, so prepare for a busy November and don’t panic too much. if October doesn’t keep you too busy.

2. Have enough supplies even for January

For many retailers, January can be almost as busy and profitable as December, when many shoppers use those Amazon gift cards to get what they really wanted for Christmas. January sales are still a big part of the retail calendar, so make sure you stock up in the new year.

3. Don’t be fooled in the 4th quarter

Stephen reminds us that products that maybe placed at 200,000 to 300,000 in the summer and only sell twice a month could be selling one a day in December. Toys are the obvious example here, but there are plenty of products that move much more volume in the run-up to Christmas.

4. Toy sales approval is only for the Fulfilled merchant

If you’re worried that Amazon might not approve you to sell in the Toys & Games category during the holiday season, remember that approval is only relevant if you’re selling toys with merchant fulfillment — if you’re selling through FBA, approval is automatic during the holiday selling season.

5. Adjust your revaluation strategy

Stephen recommends that retailers slow down on repricing as products can usually sell for more closer to Christmas. As a company with extensive revaluation experience, we would advise you to adjust your revaluation strategies to track price growth in November and December.

By looking at CamelCamelCamel, you can see if an item’s price has tended to rise in the last quarter – if so, you can quickly adjust its Min and Max upwards and allow the repairer to find you the most competitive price in line with other sellers. . No matter what the price of your item is, it must be competitive against the competition if you want to win more buybox share and high visibility.

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6. Don’t rush the ‘Holiday Hot Toy’ list

Stephen’s reasoning for not stocking the toys on the “Holiday Hot Toy” list is that they are most likely already heavily stocked in stores. Instead, he recommends reselling toys that will be harder to come by in December.

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